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Bellevue, WA, 98007
United States


About Us

About us. What else would a page called About Us be about?

Family of 6 (Three human members, three feline furry ones). Mom and Dad are in their *cough* 40s, and the Bean is just over one year old as of this writing.

Our main goal right now, and this blog is part of sharing our adventures of getting there, is to be able to relocate somewhere nice but with a lower cost of living than the Seattle Metropolitan area, by the time we're both 50. Stick with us, and you'll find out if we make it.

She is a project manager and systems analyst for some of the largest tech companies in the Seattle area. I'll let her write her own bio when she wants to.

He is a technical product manager for a mobile entertainment company, advisor for a very small gaming startup, cook, wine and Scotch enthusiast, cyclist, diver, kayaker (those three when time allows). Love my family, love life, mostly enjoy Seattle. ;)

The Bean mostly runs around a lot, looking for new things to climb and stuff to steal from Mom and Dad (because of course that's far more interesting than his own toys). He eats everything in sight and only grudgingly goes to sleep when his parents tell him to.

Meritage, Seelie, and Zina mostly lie around all day, eat food, and watch birds in the windows.