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Bellevue, WA, 98007
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At Home

Going Smaller @ Home is a carefully curated list of products that we personally use, love, and can't do without. It is part of the Amazon Affiliate program, so while no one is paying us to promote individual products, we do collect a "finder's fee" if you decide to buy anything through our At Home page. You still get the prevailing Amazon price, we just get some credit for helping you find that perfect home, shop or office item you've been looking for.

Our rules for posting:

  • We will never list something we don't own and use ourselves. And frankly, if we don't absolutely adore it, you won't see it here.
  • If we ever have something listed that was provided to us for free by the manufacturer, we will call that out below or in our product review.
  • If for any reason we think that an item is no longer endorsable (low quality in new versions, etc), we will pull it, and mention why below or in the product review.
  • If you have something you absolutely love that falls under the category of "Going Smaller", please tell us! We love to find ways to shrink all the gadgets in our house to the fewest, smallest, best built possible.