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Marc Scattergood

I've now written, and re-written, the post that was supposed to go up a month ago, somewhere in the realm of 15 times.

Clearly, it didn't go well. I'm changing topics for now, and will come back to the original one, which I still feel has some important thoughts in it, once I've moved past the block that was hitting me.

Keep eyes on the space, and this week, while everyone digests hopefully reasonable quantities of turkey, mashed potatoes, and football, we'll be digging into territory that I expect will come up somewhat regularly, even though it may not be the focus of the blog: Financial Intelligence / Financial Independence. Or FI apparently in the blog world.

The post is already about 3/4ths done, it just needs a bit of time to put together the data, graphs and other things from our learnings in 2013 and 2014. I expect just the analysis will take a few posts, as there's a lot of data, and I'd like each post to drive to specific points and revelations as we worked hard to improve our spending - and saving - habits.

Apologies for the long radio silence, but between writers block, and life - I found out I contracted Strep-C some time ago (Three cheers for antibiotics when they're really needed), which was why I was getting so sick so frequently, plus all the normal events of life, such as the boy starting to sprout his first teeth. It had never occurred to me what a pain in the a.. err, mouth that process was. In retrospect, it makes perfect sense. You have small bone protrusions attempting to spear their way through otherwise unbroken gum-line. When you say it that way, of course your reaction is ouch!

Back in a few days, and if you don't get caught up til after Thursday, happy Thanksgiving to you all, or happy late November to any non-US readers!