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Why Recommendations

From time to time in the course of blogging, we'll mention services, products, or other things we use and love. As our primary goal with this blog is to just keep writing it, and hopefully make it self sustainable in terms of hosting fees, this page is a collection point for many of those things we love, and why we love them, whether it be an amazing service, or just a kitchen implement we can't live without. If you see something you like, and decide to buy through the links listed here, it helps that goal of keeping the site self-sufficient. Mind you, it's not necessary to keep this site going, just helpful.

Unless otherwise stated, these are posted because we like them. It has not come up, and I don't necessarily expect it to, but if I get a sponsorship to post something, I will call it out as such. And I still won't do it unless I genuinely love and use the product in question. Thanks for your support!

In the Kitchen

Sous Vide: The Anova Precision Cooker

Anyone who knows me very well knows both me and my wife love to cook. We bought a Demi sous vide a few years back (one of the box types), which we still use on occasion, especially for very long cook cycles or when it's super hot in the house. But the Anova fits in just about any size vessel you want, is incredibly precise, since it does actual circulation of the water, and has just been amazing to use. Learning to cook with sous vide is it's own learning experience, but well worth it if you like making you're own amazing meals.